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Wild Smiles Braces

WildSmiles Braces

WildSmiles, Braces That Rock!™

WildSmiles braces are a unique alternative to traditional braces. From mild to wild, WildSmiles Braces™ makes your orthodontic treatment a fun experience! WildSmiles Braces are patented surgical quality stainless steel brackets (metal braces) that come in a variety of fun shapes from Super-Diamonds®, stars, hearts, and flowers, to soccer balls and footballs, giving you a fun choice to make while you straighten your teeth.

WildSmiles Braces Heart Heart

WildSmiles Braces Diamond Diamond

WildSmiles Braces Football Football

WildSmiles Braces Star Star

WildSmiles Braces Flower Flower

WildSmiles Braces Ball Ball

WildSmiles Braces Or Conventional braces?

WildSmiles braces are especially fun for kids because they get to choose a shape they like best for their metal brackets. Conventional metal braces, or Invisalign clear braces, are more popular among teens and adults. WildSmiles Braces enables you to customize your smile, making your orthodontic treatment a fun experience!

Who Wears WildSmiles Braces?

WildSmiles braces are for anyone who wants to have fun during orthodontic treatment. These braces are cool, different, and work great to straighten your teeth, leaving you with a smile you desire!

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